Website completely renewed!

In the name of all employees of NMF Techniek BV and NMF Spezialdichtungen GmbH we welcome you on our renewed website,!

This week (April 4, 2013) our new website came on air! At the same time we introduce our new logo and housestyle. We choose a new look which with we as employees of the NMF companies as a groupe can identify ourselves.

Due to the request for more language support, we have choosen a new domain name: This way we can support more easily the languages (at the moment Dutch, English and German) which you the customer require and with which you can more easily change languages.

With the new domain name we have new e-mail adresses, as you can see on the site. All old e-mail adresses will still be active, so we also shall receive mails to those adresses.

We are still working very hard optimising and filling the website and especially to get all the information on it that you require. If something is missing or you find an error, please let us know !